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Mobile food service has exploded nationwide, and one necessity is as a result, food service tents have quickly become one of our best sellers. All of our food service canopies have fire rated and CPAI-84 fire certified fabric, which complies with all Fire Marshal laws nationwide. Whether you’re a start-up or an established mobile food vendor, Toro Tents can help you look good and sell more grub!


What's Important to Have for Food Service Canopy

  • Fire Safe CPAI-84 Certified Fabric
  • Mesh Walls with Window Cutouts

A food service tent booth is essential to any food vendor at any small or large event. Our food service booths come complete with mesh walls and window cutouts which allow you to see your customers and exchange money and food, yet provide a level of privacy needed for a fast moving environment. Most festivals, shows and events will require your tent top to be CPAI-84 fire-certified with a visible tag, on the canvas top. All canopy tops offered by Kittrich Canopy have this certification.

Our fire rated/retardant fabric complies with all fire marshal laws nationwide giving you peace of mind, while making your business look its best. Stand out and look your best with a personalized food service canopy and maximize your sales!


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